This is Booker Academy.

We transform young minds through education for life!

Mold. Shape. Polish.

At Booker Academy, your child is groomed holistically and imparted with education for life. With a culture that enhances experimental learning, our eminent teachers dedicated to education safeguard and ensure the mental, social, spiritual and psychological growth and development of each student.

What you get

Booker Academy is situated in an expansive and serene environment conducive for learners. Our vision is to be a leading centre of learning whose graduates will be wholly developed to fit in the society. We are on a mission to satisfy the learners' quest for education and continually provide quality service to our clients.

Holistic Approach to Education through Broad Curriculum and Experimentation

Eminent Teachers with
Dedication to Education

Equipped with Modern Tools and Technology

Excellent Child Care with Access to Quality Food and Healthcare

Expansive Space for Extra-Curricular Activities

International Students that Bring in a Multicultural Vibe

Secondary School

The Secondary School Section of the Academy offers the 8-4-4 curriculum through Forms 1 to 4. 

Primary School

The Primary School Section offers the CBC for grades 1 to 6 and the 8-4-4 curricular to Standard 7 and 8.

Our Footsteps


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Booker Academy Starts

Established in 1993 as a school for the children of employees of Mumias Sugar Company Limited.

Between 1993 and 2003, it was a Day School.


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Booker Becomes a Boarding School

In 2004, the sponsor, Mumias Sugar Company Limited, opened up the school to the entire nation by making it a Boarding School.


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Mumias Education Trust

In 2010, Mumias Sugar Company Limited set up the Mumias Education Trust to oversee the running of the Academy and the other schools sponsored by the Company.


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